Hi, thanks for stopping by Coffee, Chocolate, and Wine and greetings from western Colorado!

We are Randy and Kim Henrie. We are experts in several things; art, architecture, audio books, voice-over & commercial, vacation rental hosts,  fitness, wellness, and yoga. Coffee, chocolate, and wine? Not so much.

But that doesn’t stop us! What we are is passionate about life and the simple pleasures. We are enthusiastic consumers and find pleasure in the sights, smells, touch, and taste of coffee, chocolate, and wine. This site is a celebration, a highlighting, an exploration; it is our way of honoring the experience of being alive through the enjoyment of fine pleasure.

On this site you will find general information on coffee, chocolate, and wine; and, recipes, links to other passionate sites, the occasional real life review, pairing advice, shopping links, eye candy, and other fun stuff. We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we like creating it.

We will update regularly, feel free to comment, guide, suggest, & share.

Live Well,
Randy & Kim

Randy and Kim at The Roasterie Coffee and Tea, Kansas City MO

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