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This is a beautiful place between the Rockies and the Utah deserts.

20 New Ways to Get Your Coffee Fix

Our morning doesn’t really start until we’ve had our coffee. We’re constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest new ways to make and drink a cup of joe, from the disposable French press to a text-enabled espresso machine. Apparently caffeine cravings fuel creativity, because we’ve come across so many cool coffee gadgets lately that we had to round them up. Here are 20 innovations in the world of java that have got us thinking it’s probably just about coffee time here at Brit HQ.

1. Touch Sensor Mug with Temperature Display ($32): Pick up your coffee and let it tell you if it’s cool enough to drink! This mug will sense your touch and display the temperature as well as a colored light — blue for cool, orange for warm, and red for hot.

2. Joulies Thermal Dispenser ($80 for set of 5): On a similar note, these little gadgets are designed to help you maintain your beverage’s perfect temperature for longer. They absorb the heat when you first put them in, cooling off your coffee so you don’t burn your tongue. Then, as your coffee starts to get too cool, the stored heat is released so it remains warm until the last drop.

3. PEBO ($87): Get a perfect vacuum brewed cup of coffee in 5-11 minutes with this unique coffee maker from Bodum. The vacuum brewing process prevents any of the flavor of the coffee bean from escaping so you’ll end up with a great, full-bodied cup of joe.

Wine Shot

Blocking The Way Wine Ceremony
by Jason Powers is licensed under CC BY 2.0
"Arriving to the entrance of the Miao village, you are welcomed by beautifully dressed Miao women blocking your path. They may be in a s few as 3 groups or up to 12. You are allowed to pass through after you have a drink with each of the women." BOTTOMS UP JASON!